The audience agreed – you are not a Headhunter because… and other extracts from the unConference – #truEdinburgh

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Bracing – Yep that is the word I would use, and not just for the first ever recruiting unconference – #truEdinburgh event yesterday (Apr 27)  held at the Ghillie Dhu.

Bracing – was the stimulating range of emotions and feelings expressed (inwardly and outwardly) on the journey up to the wonderful city of Edinburgh due to the rain, hail, sleet, snow and sunshine experienced in a 4 minute period whilst walking to the train station. And as the host and organiser: Stephen O’Donnell reminded us in a post or tweet – “Ne’er cast a cloot til May be oot”  Damn right!

Bracing – was the conversations, discussions (both planned and organically off track generated) and opportunity to meet and hear from all those who attended – some for the first time, some who were repeat attendees and the Track Leaders who led the tracks [who donated their time to stimulate and facilitate their chosen subject] to an UnConference around the subject of Recruiting / Recruitment / Staffing sourcing / Training / Technology



And Yes! Bill Boorman did make it up to Edinburgh – after his gallivanting in Dubai – adding and contributing to the open conversations and tracks with gusto and flair.



I was asked why I support and attend #tru events – there are many reasons/answers to that question, but if I was to condense them all it would be:

having the opportunity to interact with a diverse group interested and/or practising in all facets of the Recruitment Sector who are not afraid to collaborate, share, learn, contribute and engage with others, in an open / supportive / non-stuffy atmosphere.

Just a couple of my takeaways include [but not limited to]:

  • The world of communicating and engaging with 1 of our industries customer groups – the candidates – has changed, yet many agencies do not feel there is value in this as it distracts the staff from placing bums on seats and has no value…you know who you are – you need to change now or else!
  • Every activity we do in recruiting/staffing needs to have a commercial value, but it does not have to be immediate [today].  Working closest to the $ or £ or € today makes you focused on YOU with little or no regard for the future. [Thanks to Matthew Brown of ASA Recruitment for energising this track ]
  • Open your field of vision and minds when it comes to considering hiring new or recent college/university even High/Secondary school graduates, they are digital natives and will add significant value to your business, oh and they are a source of knowledge that seasoned or established employees need support/assistance with. Mentoring 2-way across generations should be embedded in both strategic and operational plans and activities. [Thanks to Russell Dalgleish of Exolta Capital Partners]
  • All recruiters need to be true consultants – and not just given it as a title! They and the business must now provide added value and be viewed as practising ‘thought leaders’ in a niche/sector by the customers.
  • Simply because you have access to LinkedIN and can produce a shortlist of key word matched candidates does not make you a HeadHunter. Stop and learn how to be a real HeadHunter [or if you think some of your clients might like you using the term – call yourself a Search Specialist/Consultant] though external training  – very few agencies have the capability to do it internally. [Thanks to Warren Kemp of Recruitment Matters International]
  • Augmented aggregation of everything is being driven by the devices not just by the sites or applications you use and will [if not already started to] impact staffing, recruitment, talent acquisition, HR.  Want to learn more, find out where Bill Boorman is talking or send him a message via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Is your Recruiting/Staffing business ready and able to Scale-Up? Anita Holbrow from REC  generated an active conversation on business sustainability for the future and introduced the REC Scale-Up Workbook.

That is just a small snippet from the many tracks and discussions that took place. For clarity, I am not paid by or sponsored by or for any of the mentioned events, sponsors, organisers or individuals.

Always happy to talk more with anyone who wants to learn more about yours truly, the event, location, and importantly, growing and developing as a Recruiter and your Recruitment business, for the future.

Now, I am off to the Lake District and am bracing myself for everything the weather can throw at us and for the scenery to provide more inspiration.

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