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The Tale of ‘Telephone’ – The Re-Found Social Recruiting Tool

Once upon a time there was a device called ‘Telephone’ it was connected by a wire to a wall outlet it was very busy and used extensively, it did not have ‘call waiting’, ‘caller # display’, ‘ignore caller’ features – it was happy to be a useful and important part its masters business.


It did have one downside, its master had to be at the desk to use it. So along came a techie person who said – “I have an idea” – why not have a headset that can be attached to you ‘Telephone’ and allow the master to be away from the desk but still take calls – ‘Telephone’ was excited and liked this idea.

The techie returned with not 1 but 3 different types  headsets in the hope of finding one the master would like… and use


Every day the master used ‘Telephone’ and made and received calls, the numbers increased and the master was getting spammed, by you guessed it – people calling themselves ‘Recruiters’ when they were quota driven business / sales people asking – “Have you go position we can fill for you?” – the master answered the same way – “NO” and the person on the other end said “OK – will call you back tomorrow and ask again – Good bye and thanks you for taking my call” – CLUNK.

Or worse still;

Calls from applicants who have applied for a position the master had advertised on a job board – ‘Hello, my name is [input your name here] and am following up on my application for the position of [insert selectively used internal company position title that does not reflect what is being actually sought]’. The master replies ‘Someone will be in touch if you are suitable and being considered for interview – good bye’ – CLUNK.

The master called the techie and said – ‘You have got to stop these calls, what can you do?’

The techie worked hard and came up with ‘call blocking’, ‘caller id’, ‘call forwarding to someone you don’t really like’, the evil ‘Send to voice mail’ and finally ‘InMail me’

The master was happy, but not ‘Telephone’. The writing was on the wall a black box in some cupboard would take over the job and so ‘Telephone’ went the way of the so many other key functional items in a busy workplace everyday interaction with ‘Telephone’ was less and less until…

scrap telephones

Today the master has at their disposal multiple tools/ways for communicating with customers and colleagues – from integrated mobile communication devices, laptop, tablet, desktop computer connected to the Internet of recruiting Things, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

So if Jobvite are correct in their 2015 Social Recruitment Survey and there is more competition for a limited talent pool and conversation skills are at the top of first impressions. Just maybe the ‘Telephone’ should be re-introduced and with it the art of conversation.

conversation survey

Social Recruitment is about using different tools and strategies to attract, engage and communicate with your customers [past, present and future].

Find your ‘Telephone’ and share your number with the community and strike up a conversation with your customers, you might just be surprised.

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