Irrational Fear – Talking

Why do you ‘fear’ verbal communication?

It is Irrational! Every communication event is an opportunity too learn, grow and influence!

How many in the ‘people’ industry allow this ‘Master’ as an excuse for not sharing and/or communicating with your peer audience? Hands up! Go on, be brave and you will see you have an Irrational Fear – and not the only one in your professional life. And yet, many of you are prepared to electronically communicate without fear! – now that is irrational.

Another one is: ‘I can’t and mustn’t share and collaborate with competitors!’ – yes another crock… How many of you have never been to a conference or event just in case you would need to talk to and/or share ‘something’ with a competitor or worse the enemy? Yet you would rather go to a company or internal shin-dig just to be seen, get noticed and be one of the ‘in crowd’!

A double Irrational Fear – self-realisation they [competitor or enemy] may know more than you, and worse you learn they do! Every opportunity to learn and grow should be engaged with enthusiastically, find an environment that is outside your normal everyday ‘Master’ and jump in.

irrational fear of talking

Learn from Everyone – irrational fear not too!

Today we all pride ourselves on abilities to communicate with the world, through Social Media, Email, SMS/Text, etc… but we reluctant to professionally ‘talk’ with customers in-person or on the telephone – why is that? We need to stop the irrational activity of electronic communication and talk to people, and listen and you will learn.

Fortune favours the Brave

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