Goodwin – Using Marlowe’s data to help build a picture around a Job Title

We have all been there [or will be] – some smart-arse mentions a search and gives you a job title you have never worked before and expects miracles.

Or you are a the start of your career / new niche and you want to do a little research.

Or you are building a boolean string and are looking for synonyms and/or words to include or exclude… So to help along comes Goodwin!

Just released to beta for the wider audience – ReLinkLabs from Denmark have created Goodwin a tool to help you research job titles. The data source is generated via Marlowe the Machine Learning AI for matching candidates to job ads – want to read about my encounter with Marlowe – Anyway, back to Goodwin:

  1. the data source is primarily focused on Europe [Northern] so this is really helpful for those who are this side of the pond or our cousins over the other side looking to learn what job titles are used in Europe.
  2. the output data is clear and of value to new sourcers/recruiters or those wanting to learn about a different niche.
  3. The data is not focused only on IT or Tech job titles, like so many new tools do – increases the value and usability for recruiters and sourcers – hiring managers and HR will find the data of value for retention and attraction.
  4. Presently there is no ability to export or scrape the data generated, that will change as Goodwin develops further

Start by opening the site:

goodwin-job title-search

The clean layout requires no exploring just enter the job title you want to learn more about in the free text box and ‘Go’: textbox

The resulting information is broken down into 2 main sections:

Most Important Skills: Displays Top 10

goodwin-accountant-skills  goodwin-recruiter-skills

Hiring Data & Insights – 4 sub sections

Educational Breakdown – subjects – Top 5


Previous Positions – Top 5

goodwin-previous-titles goodwin-recruiter-previous

Next Position – Top 5

goodwin-accountant-next-title goodwin-recruiter-next-position

Time in Position

goodwin-time-in goodwin-recruiter-timein

Using this tool on your mobile device is just as clean and sharp as on the desktop, all the related results are displayed on a scrolling screen, so you have no excuse for not doing a little research prior to that meeting  or immediately after ‘that’ search challenge!

Any thoughts, views or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact the ReLinkLabs team or let me know and happy to share with them.


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