Don’t Let the External Packaging Fool You – #truLondon

trulondon track
The day finally arrived for #truLondon 2016 and on stepping of the #67 bus from Aldgate the first person I saw was @mattcharney holding a large coffee stood outside the address provided for the event – this was the sight that greeted us…












On entering the venue, we and the other attendees were greeted by…

trulondon-groundfloor trulondon The Pub tru bar

Here is yet another case of what you see at first glance does not reflect what is inside – just like looking at the LinkedIn profile or CV or Resume of a person and not exploring further and deeper before rejecting and/or walking away because you don’t like what you see…back to the event

My thought was: this is going to be a deceptively exciting day – I can only be talking about #truLondon yesterday [Monday Mar 14]:

40+ track leaders, attendees from 16 countries, 6 sponsors, 3+ wearers of hats, 3 power packs [just to make sure my laptop and cell kept some life], 2 Wi-Fi connections [1 was questionable], several large Polar Bears and 1 really unusual venue with rooms over 4 floors that help generate non-staid conversations/discussions with many ‘Oh No’ or ‘Ah Ha’ [the odd WTF] moments and positive energy and enthusiasm.

First a big shout out and Thank You to Bill Boorman [Chief Un-Driver and force behind #trumunity events and movement] and Andrea and Ivan @IrishRecruiter for organising and pushing this event [and #truDublin] and Hung Lee for recommending the venue – The Kings Head Members Club.

With so much going on including; Conversation Tracks from some classy people, Show’n’Tells of some neat HR/Recruit Tech, BlackHat Session [with Josef Kadlec] and Sourcing Labs [people in white coats without straight-jackets]


– it is challenging to post about everything… Oh! did I mention the eclectic menagerie of taxidermy displays on all floors.

Below are a collection of my take-a-way’s from the various tracks I managed to join, and a couple of others I liked/shared [credit given as appropriate]:

Since content is so important for recruitment, how about hiring people with a degree/experience in journalism? @kmborowicz

Forget about A-B testing. Do A-Z testing. @PatrickBoonstra

Ask yourself every minute of every day “Does this help me achieve our/my X?” Unless the task helps you achieve your goal, dump it @JohnnyCampbell

It all boils down to how brands engage with their social media pages

If you don’t have anything to say – don’t bother [talking about blogging]

Use your own voice when writing that blog post – don’t try to be someone else.

Love the Always Be Helping or ABH approach to recruitment that keeps popping up today. Obvious but not always (or rarely) done. @GlennSoutham

Sourcers are more capable of utilising tools and technology and proactive, whilst #recruiters are traditionally reactive.

Our [recruiting] written content should make people swear, share or care @mattcharney

Unfortunately mobile unpreparedness / incompetence going to be a theme for many years yet @mattalder

“Purpose driven talent economy” that sounds really serious @kmborowicz

Make candidates aware of what your process involves to help with candidate experience

“See-think-do-delight” on how to create content @googledave

The traditional agency model is changing with the need for diversification of the recruiter role

Sourcers are an underutilised tool in the sales and business development by recruitment agencies

Automation is going to change every industry. Recruiters can pretend they are exempt but they aren’t

Help people online and become digitally famous

Sourcers are more capable of utilising tools and technology and are proactive, whilst recruiters are traditionally reactive.

Each job seeker is a separate audience, making the challenge of communicating with them more difficult

Don’t be afraid to be human and show personality in your online content

The truth is a good thing. Put the truth out there in order to engage with the right people for your company

We implement technology too quickly to consider the impact on the future [shiny object syndrome]

Another great day was had by myself, and from the conversations with others, they felt energised and had positive take-away’s from the event. So if you want to learn more about The Recruitment Unconference or event join the community and find the next event near you – visit #truMunity

The future of recruiting is changing, make sure you are engaged in proactive conversations not reactive afterthought actions.

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