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Sitting patiently on the platform waiting for the train to take me to #BuyYorkshire event at The Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK – I was catching up on news and speculation from the Google I/O event and to find out about collaboration tools and when Android Apps for Chromebook will be opened to users… And there hidden on a sidebar news feed was…

Coming to a device near you shortly [for some it has arrived already]!  Google Spaces

Spaces logo

My first thought was – Has Google bought MySpace? No, with the changes and challenges over at Google+, it was only time before something new came along.  So here is what I have found so far…

  • Think Facebook Closed [possibly Secret] Groups with the power of Google Search, YouTube and Messaging
  • Available on Desktop, Android and iOS – not tried it on my tablet yet – but works fine on Samsung S7 device
  • Chrome Extension for quick adding items to Spaces and conversations

Chrome Extension


  • Targeting an audience that is interested in small group sharing and collaboration on everything – yet can’t seem to share files, docs, etc… directly, you can do via a link [tested with DropBox and SlideShare]. You can add links, photos and stickers!

Spaces add links Spaces Add Photos Spaces Stickers

  • Ability to create multiple spaces and Invite others to join by Private link, Email and even Facebook

Google Spaces invite

  • You can search within your own Spaces, but not other peoples.

Over the next several weeks I am going do more digging and playing around with this to see what potential value Google Spaces has in the recruitment sector – possibly on building collaborative groups [communities] of individuals interested in niche items.  So my first ‘Space’ is titled – “Future of Recruitment” I will be sending out some invites for others to join and test/try it out.

If you are interested in joining and contributing, let me know.


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