Updated and Enhanced Chrome Extension from Shane McCusker

In the world of recruiting, sourcing, search and research new ‘tech’ comes along everyday! Sometimes it seems like every hour! It is nice to receive news of updates to existing applications / tools / extensions / practices / processes, as it means something you are already comfortable with has just got better [fingers crossed]!

So it was great over the weekend [Canadian Thanks Giving] to see the news from Shane McCusker of 1ntelligence Recruitment Software [Intel-SW] about updates to his Chrome extension.



We are all using Chrome Browser right?!

And we have a number of tabs open [Facebook being one!] right?!

And we have a long list of extensions we use everyday right! You have Shane’s Intelligence Search extension in your list right?

If NO – get it now!


If ‘Yes’ then when you logged on this morning and opened Chrome there is a strong chance the extension updated automatically.


If you are not sure you can force an update. Open Chrome, click on 3 dots – top right, select ‘more tools’ then ‘Extensions’ from drop-down menu. And with Developer mode box ‘Checked’ – click on ‘Update extensions now’ button and after a few seconds all your extensions will have been updated.

chrome-extension1 chromeextn2







Good Luck and if you have any questions give me a shout, or just message Shane.

Featured image courtesy of Google Images – Eventbrite


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